After being paralysed at fifteen after a road traffic accident I decided to get out in the world and share my story from a road safety point of view in hopes that other young people would think twice when taking risks on the roads. This then developed into a combination of road safety and motivational talks encouraging young people to aim high when it came to their dreams. I have spoken at schools, colleges, focus groups, a panel in Westminster for ITV, The department For Transport, Brake for Road Safety Week and for the charity Equal Lives.

After focusing on the road safety topic for quite some time my life has moved forward and I now share my story as a whole to encourage positivity. I have suffered with depression in the past and overcame that with the help spiritual practices. I want to help people realise their potential, to strive to be the best they can be and realise that they can achieve whatever they wish if they put their minds to it.

*Living your best life and aiming high despite any struggle
*Mental Health
*Living life with gratitude
*Road Safety/ My Story

I have led talks in Boots and Debenhams and most recently spoke on a panel at Facebook HQ discussing the Power of Mindset.


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After facing challenges of our own my friend Sam and I wanted our voices to be heard so created our podcast, Life at the Deep End. We authentically share our stories, experiences and life lessons. This podcast is to help show you that despite any struggle you may face life can be fulfilling and amazing because ultimately you are the creator of your reality. You may often feel alone but we are here to confirm that you are not. You can find the podcast on all platforms.


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